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--- Quote from: danbuter;833868 ---This is a bit of a necro, but have you tried  A Wanderer's Romance? If nothing else, I think it would provide some great ideas for your upcoming game.
--- End quote ---

That looks pretty interesting. Do you know anything about the system?

It's 2d6 + associated elements, and you need 10 to succeed. Pretty straitforward.

Elements are Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. There is also Balance, which is used to break ties. (He didn't use Metal, as it wouldn't fit the game design).

The download is free, and it at least would give some cool ideas for martial arts (there are a bunch).

And now I really want to play a wuxia game using Spellbound Kingdoms.

Great article. Been  enjoying your Wuxia playlogs on your blog.


--- Quote from: baran_i_kanu;1003161 ---Great article. Been  enjoying your Wuxia playlogs on your blog.
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Thanks Baran.


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