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Why People Fear Rules Lite Games


This is my thoughts regarding why I think people fear or have am aversion to rule lite games. These conclusions came after many conversions with people irl and online.

This hardly seems like you tried to understand why people have a preference and more like you wanted a veneer to complain, all three points listed are negative and hardly cover the scope.

The comment suggesting that The Burning Wheel is the epitomy of "unwillingness to recognize one's quality of play", because it has rules that remove the need to even open one's (character's) mouth, is part and parcel of the old adage that social encounter rules are for dumb-dumbs who don't know how to roleplay correctly.

In a similar vein, I have found through extensive research why people prefer rules lite systems over rules-heavy systems:

1. They're too stupid to understand rules more complicated than 'do whatever and flip a coin, I guess'.
2. They can't trust the other people to have any flexibility within rules, because they're subhumans who can't conceive of trust or empathy.
3. Newer is better.


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