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Under the Hood: Roll 2 Dice, Take The Highest

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Yeah, the average is 10.5, not 11.5...that's a pretty stupid mistake to make. Oh well, I bet there's a way to fix that sort of mistake.

Oh, one more thing; advantage when you're aiming for a particular chance is better in the middle of the target range and worse at the edges.  So, if you need an 11, it's 50% without advantage and 75% with (chance of failing both is 0.5*0.5, or 0.25, so 1-0.25 chance of success).  If the target is 3+, then 1% chance of failing on both rolls so 99% chance of success, up from 90%; for 19+, the 10% chance of success becomes 19% with advantage.  I like that; hard things don't get as big a bonus as a straight +3 or +4, but middling things get a bigger bonus; easy things become close to certain both ways.

For damage, where you're not aiming at a particular target (with higher or lower values irrelevant), the average is adequate to judge the effect.


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