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Under the Hood: OldSchooling 5e: Falling Damage, and Magic

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--- Quote from: rawma;813402 ---Oh, indeed, their Priorit√§tsstreit makes Gygax and Arneson look like underachievers in the squabbling arena. But Σ for summation was Euler's notation introduced later; intriguingly, Euler also introduced i (crucial to beholders), and dice notation in a little known monograph, Advanced Deltas and Derivatives, although some suggest he borrowed it from Descartes ("salvabo ergo sum").
--- End quote ---
OK, you win. Sum of these jokes have become too obscure for me. Math was just too many decades ago.


--- Quote from: Bren;813409 ---OK, you win. Sum [heh!] of these jokes have become too obscure for me. Math was just too many decades ago.
--- End quote ---

Now that none will follow me past the foothills, perhaps I know some shadow of the disappointment that Opaopajr must feel... :boohoo:

The problem is that Mearls and co showed their ignorance by just copy-pasting from 2e the typo copy-pasted from AD&D. AND ignoring the fact that falling damage can change.

It states very clearly in the PHB that damage taken could be much more depending on the surface fallen on and other factors and the DM might use a d8, d10, d12 etc.

And Spelljammer fixed falling damage even more. After a point you started taking escalating heat damage that magic couldnt counter. And a death save on impact.

The problem is in assuming that a "basic pit" in 5e would be the same depth as it was in 1e, IMO:). As the OP said himself, the aesthetics are different, therefore the pits in 5e should be deeper, so you could claim you braved bottomless pits (just like you'd put even deeper pits in a game about kung-fu masters that routinely defy the laws of gravitation:p).
But make that pit 30 feet deep, and the poor wizard will be in even more danger for his life than from a fall in a 10-feet deep pit in the earlier edition;).

To die falling into a 10' pit would be highly unlikely in RL let alone a fantasy game.


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