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Under the Hood: A Look at Advantage Versus Bonus to Hit

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Maybe some sort of limited posting ability for the author to post his article via his own account?

Because if I knew this was a Rick Moscatello article I would never have given it such credence!!! :)

Hey Rick, good analysis.

I agree with Spinachcat, it is cool to see the numbers laid bare like this.  It seems very elegant to use Advantage, roll another D20 rather than "add 4 to your roll".  I have no idea why, but it just feels like more fun!
Thanks for the article!

Thanks for this article.

So, it appears that "advantage" is equivalent to a "+4" bonus. Yet, it seems that in 5e, "advantage" will be allowed much more often than allowing a +4 bonus in 1e/2e. Now, consider the "bonded accuracy" thing where a 5e fighter's bonus to hit is not equal to his level (or his level minus one), but a mere +2 to +5 (or +6) bonus at much higher levels. As such, I guess that "advantage" is a kind of compensation for the fighter's poor chances of hitting at higher levels (despite the lower AC of powerful monsters)?


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