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Hello, I'm Felix, an independent game dev and writer since 2016. The purpose of this post is not to advertise my goods, but rather take an in depth approach into the madness and hostility I've encountered among "players" in the hobby. I'm not interested in hearing your personal opinion about me, so please show some self control and avoid dissolving this thread into something else.

From my perspective, for someone who returned to the tabletop scene in the last few years, I noticed the trpg hobby in particular is utterly divided. Shocker! Well, not really but YES, really!! I personally enjoy healthy disagreements, it's part of being human. Disagreements have been around since the dawn of time. It will remain a necessity. Sometimes you'll persuade others to your cause, sometimes you won't. It's okay to disagree, on whatever topic. The world won't end, I promise.

The trouble starts when you see cringeworthy behavior left and right, up and down. I mean, it was just like walking into a psychiatric hospital at first glance. It should come to no surprise the hobby in general is as unwelcoming and as closed off as it can be to new players. Gatekeeping is at ludicrous levels, harassment is rampant. Now, if I were to say everyone behaves in such manner, I would be no different. It isn't right to generalize a community in general over a few twisted individuals. Unfortunately the few are many when it comes to the hobby.

Fortunately there's still places like here, therpgsite, where speaking your mind isn't against the rules. Unlike everywhere else. To my understanding you gotta be a real asshole to get banned from the site. If you respect free speech and value creative freedom it's likely we will get along just fine. If you believe in twisted ideology and has problem with creative freedom then please do us real people all a favor and leave this hobby never to return. Stop trying to pass your unhappiness onto others, learn when to stop, seek help. Behave as you would in real life. Practice kindness and stop thinking people need to impress you, or get on your good side. According to google, we live in a world with a population of 7.753 billion (2020), you and I are like a spec of dust. Your desire to be superior makes you weak, and it shows. 

That's why I thank my loyal fanbase with utmost sincerity from time to time, because when you look around there's nothing but assholes, bullies, and idiots in most communities related to the hobby. I kinda hope this thread becomes useful to anyone who takes the hobby serious and really enjoys it. Because it continues to get dissolved into shit by far too many. I thought the hobby was full of intellectual people, what happened?

Edit: One typo, please don't ask for a refund.

Yes, we've all seen it and the bulk of the problem seems to be based on ones personal politics and if you see games as a place that should be mostly free of such, or if you see it as a place to teach and enforce thought on others.


--- Quote from: FelixGamingX1 on October 30, 2021, 03:49:35 PM ---I thought the hobby was full of intellectual people, what happened?
--- End quote ---

RPGs went mainstream and then the midwits flooded in like a backed up toilet.

I agree, that we should consider videogames more serious and be mo pacient to other people. Any intolerance to people with another opinion is bad.
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Rob Necronomicon:

--- Quote from: AtomicPope on February 23, 2022, 08:28:12 PM ---
--- Quote from: FelixGamingX1 on October 30, 2021, 03:49:35 PM ---I thought the hobby was full of intellectual people, what happened?
--- End quote ---

RPGs went mainstream

--- End quote ---

Yup... That and all the emotional blackmailing from the bedwetting woke scolds.


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