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Some Notes on Where to Put Loot

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The stomach of a giant monster.

The dwarven community vault is going to get used in a few weeks time. Is too good to pass up!. Here is the heads up notes for the adventure that is coming:

Thank you so much for the detailed description!:D

These are really good ideas -- me likey. But, some thoughts:

Spellcasting can derange security systems all to hell and back. Warp wood would allow access to an elven tree chest, in my opinion. Though if you want to add some fun and flair? Put a dryad in the tree. The moment Mr. Spellcaster starts spellcasting, she pops out to grab him by the beard... :)

Similarly, stone shape is pretty effective against giant boulders if you carve it right. Soften earth and stone or transmute stone to mud will also make a mockery of giants and their screw boulders (albeit a messy one).

Remember to add lead to the construction of false chests to block things like X-ray vision. Sadly, it seems clairvoyance is immune to this trickery (unless I've missed something).

Thank you so much for sharing all these details with us.

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