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Incentivizing Roleplaying Behavior: A Bad Idea (Mark Brantingham)

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--- Quote from: CRKrueger;952259 ---Might be in the Hague Conventions, then. :D

I think Brendan will be by at some point to tell us all to stop shitting in an article thread.
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I just checked those, too. No smilies hve been mentioned by those heartless people:D!

--- Quote from: Azraele;952436 ---This article reads suspiciously similar to the Christian apologetics arguments that I've read. There a lot of "Gotcha!" and "you yourself admitted!" bits, a lot of pre-suppositinalism, etc.

And this is disappointing to me because, as I guy who generally agrees with the premise but who is nevertheless designing a game where the opposite is employed, I could have used some critical thought on the subject.

Oh well.
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Why are you designing a game that opposes the way you think things work;)?


--- Quote from: AsenRG;952450 ---Why are you designing a game that opposes the way you think things work;)?
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Interesting story: I sort of inherited it, actually. It's the re-redo of Weapons of the Gods, or the one-time re-do of Legends of the Wulin if you prefer. It's not really a system you can do GP for XP, although I love how that incentivizes getting players into the dungeon (the "meat" of D&D, if you will). Since the re-do is based on Shonen rather than "site-based" like D&D, I had to design an XP system which would encourage the kinds of activity that would make the wheels of the game roll (like getting characters in to trouble that they've got to fight their way out of) but do so in a way that makes sense from a "why would characters continue to do this" kind of way.

It would have been super useful if this article had explored the merits of that. It didn't though. It made up it's mind before it began. Speaking of which...

--- Quote from: CRKrueger;952450 ---Why don't you show us some of your "critical thought" on the topic oh, Great Master?

It's not an analytical or expository thesis it's an argumentative thesis for fuck's sake. It comes with a stance, then argues for it in part by anticipating and answering responses in the thesis itself.

Normally, I would expect someone who's enough of a pompous ass to dismiss someone's thesis as lacking critical thought to posess High School level knowledge of writing.
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This thread got ya in a fightin' mood, huh? You can see some of my thoughts above. I.... Think I wrote about it more on my blog? Feel free to dig through there, I'm sure I mentioned something.

It comes with a stance... That it then tells us it can prove. It doesn't.

Gronan of Simmerya:
* pours lamp oil all over the thread *
* lights a torch...*

Expecting a shonen transformation that deals with flames in 3...2...1...NOW!


--- Quote from: AsenRG;952579 ---Expecting a shonen transformation that deals with flames in 3...2...1...NOW!
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do you think this is my FINAL FOOOOOOOOOOOORM?!??!


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